Saturday, October 30, 2004

Mikey and His Dancing Teeth

Mikey had his day at the dentist on Wednesday and everything went beautifully. We took him to Schneider Children's Hospital and Dr. Charlie performed almost 4 hours worth of dental work while Mikey was under general anesthesia. Mikey had two root canals, four teeth filled, two teeth pulled, and eight teeth crowned with stainless steel caps. His mouth looks great! Everyone at Schneider was great. The anesthesiologist came out and talked to us about Mikey's history and assured Michel that he done this "at least once before." The intern who was working with Dr. Charlie was very nice and Dr. Charlie was, of course, the best. After the surgery he gave us his home number and his cell number and told us to call him and let him know how Mikey was doing because he wouldn't be able to sleep until he heard from us.

We also got good news on Mikey's ears. After Dr. Charlie was finished, the ENT took a look in Mikey's ears. He had a torn ear drum but it has completely healed. The ENT said that other than a little bit of wax, which he removed, everything looked beautiful in Mikey's ears. We thought for sure that Mikey was going to need surgery to repair his ear drum so this is really good news.

Mikey's pulmonologist was worried about Mikey being under for so long so Mikey spent the night at the hospital. Michel stayed with him but Mikey slept most of the night (although Michel didn't sleep much at all). His breathing was perfect through the whole night and we brought him home the next morning. The whole thing went as well as we could have hoped.

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Elblog said...

Man, that's a lot of work. I'm glad it all went well.