Monday, November 01, 2004

A Peak at Some of the Family

Forgotten-NYMy wife's cousin, Kevin, has a really cool web site called Forgotten NY. The idea behind the web site is to capture the images of New York that are part of our past. Kevin explores all over new York and captures images of abandoned buildings, old faded advertisments, streets that no longer exist, etc. It makes for a fascinating way to look at New York City.

Anyway, Kevin also has a blog and his entry for July 22, 2004 includes a picture of the family. Open it up in a new window because Kevin describes the people in terms of his relation to them. I will describe them in relation to me. If you are looking at the picture, the first thing to point out is that I am not in it. I was home watching Mikey that day while Michel was in Brooklyn helping Kevin. The second thing to keep in mind is that this is my wife's family so you are basically looking at my in-laws.

So, Eileen (2nd from left) is my sister-in-law. She is Michel's sister. (Michel, for those who haven't been paying attention, is my wife.) To the left of Eileen is her husband, Tom. To the right of Eileen is my mother-in-law, Mary King. She is from Newfoundland and has an accent that everyone thinks is Irish. Although I pick on her and she drives us crazy sometimes, she is an absolute lifesaver and has been an incredible help especially since Michel became ill. In front of Mary are Eileen's two sons, Brian and Patrick. That makes them my nephews. Well, they are my nephews because they are Eileen's kids not because they are standing in front of my m-i-l. I mean, not every kid who stands in front of my m-i-l is my nephew. But I digress. To the right of Mary and slightly behind her is Michel's cousin Tina. She lives in Phoenix but happened to be visiting. [Ed. - Michel has reminded me that Tina didn't happen to be just visting. Tina had come to NY to help us after Michel's surgery.] According to my daughter, Tina is tres cool. Next to Tina is my wonderful wife. I would go on here about what a lucky man I am to be married to her but I don't want to make this too long! In front of Michel is my daughter, Beth. Beth is an absolute treasure. I consider myself to be incredibly fortunate to have these two ladies in my life. And last but not least, the handsome gentleman all the way on the right is my father-in-law, Jim.

Missing from the picture is Michel's brother, Jim and his wife, Kathleen, and his two kids, Tracy-Anne and Timmy. They weren't able to be there that day.

So there you have it. That is the family that by the law of the great Empire State, New York, I am officially related to.

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