Friday, February 25, 2005

Home Again

After running a bunch of tests the doctors decided that they have no idea what is causing all the pain so they sent Michel home yesterday. That isn't quite true that they have no idea. The urologist suspects that it is the kidney stone they found using the ultrasound. To be on the safe side, they made an appointment for Michel to see her neurosurgeon just to check to see if it might be the shunt. The end of the shunt is on the side where Michel is having the pain. So tonight she gets to see Dr. Bolognese.

Paolo A. Bolognese MD I haven't written much about Paolo A. Bolognese, M.D. Associate Director of the Chiari Institute. He was the other neurosurgeon in Michel's surgery. He is from Italy and is "the leading worldwide expert in the field of laser Doppler flowmetry applied to neurosurgery, and the top European figure in the field of neurosurgical intraoperative ultrasound." He came to the USA to work with Dr. Milhorat. I have met Dr. Bolognese a couple of times and he is a very nice man. You really get a sense from him that he cares about his patients.

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