Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Mikey goes to camp

It has been too long since I updated! Bad Tom!

OK, rather than discuss everything in one blog entry I will break things up. Last Tuesday (August 23rd) we brought Mikey to AHRC in Old Brookville to take the bus to Camp Loyaltown in Hunter, NY. This is about a three hour ride. Although Michel had doubts that we would get Mikey on the bus, I was optimistic. When we got to AHRC, there were just too many people around and Mikey was just too frightened to get on the bus. I tried to carry him on but he was struggling and crying. So Michel turned out to be right and we had to drive him up to camp. We did get to meet Mikey's counselor (each camper has their own counselor) so that was nice. He is from Ireland and travels around the world doing things like being a camp counselor for disabled children.

We dropped Beth off at the grandparents' in Brooklyn and drove up to Hunter. Mikey loves the car so he just sat back and enjoyed the ride. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to get away once we got up there, but everything turned out fine. Mikey saw the pool and that was it. We handed Mikey to the counselor, dropped his bags off, and said goodbye. No tears from Mikey at all.

The one good thing about driving Mikey up was that we got a chance to see the camp. It is very nice. They have a big pool and a playground right by Mikey's cabin. The counselors sleep in the cabin with the kids and the doors are alarmed so that if someone tries to walk out, everyone is alerted. There is a counselor awake during the night to keep an eye on things. As one of the administrators of the camp told us, "Camp Lose-A-Kid" probably wouldn't be very popular so they make sure that all the campers are safe at all times. Mikey's trip lasts from Tuesday thru Sunday so this gives us all a little break.

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