Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Modest Mouse

Modest MouseWhen we were out shopping at Tower records on Sunday, I spotted this album by Modest Mouse. I had heard of them from somewhere and had picked up the album to buy it about half a dozen times but never pulled the trigger. I asked Beth if she had ever heard of them and she said they are a good indie group and she had bought one of their songs on iTunes. So I bought the album. It isn't for everyone. They are different and probably would scare off a lot of people. The "hit" song from the album, Float On, is not typical of the songs on the album so if you had heard it on fuse I would recommend listening to a few of their songs on iTunes or Amazon before buying. I am enjoying it and it would be in my CD player except I'm driving the van (Michel is driving the Volvo) so I don't have a CD player! Arghhh!

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