Thursday, June 10, 2004

Some good news

First, it appears that Mikey does not have leukemia. The re-test of his blood showed a marked improvement in his platlets. The doctor thinks that the bruising and petechiae are not related to leukemia. We had noticed the petechiae but we had never put them together with a blood test. If he is having drops in his platelets then we will need to figure out what is causing it and what treatment (if any) he will need.

All that is left of Michel's kidney stones is a small chip that needs to pass. It could take a month or more and we are hoping it is sooner rather later. It is giving her occasional pain but heat and Vioxx seem to be doing the job.

We couldn't have a week without some kind of medical situation so Michel got conjunctivitis on Sunday. Her eye swelled up so much that she couldn't even see out of it. It looked like I popped her one. We ended up at one of those non-emergency off-hours doctor stations (Michel calls them "doc in a box") where they gave her a prescription for some drops. The kids and I waited outside and I turned off the car but left the lights on (it was overcast) so naturally the battery died. Fortunately a good Samaritan saw us and gave us a jump.

Anyway, today is our 20th wedding anniversary, which is china. So feel free to send us any spare Ming vases that you have sitting around the house.

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