Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Life sucks - Part 5

Looks like Michel is going to be out of work for awhile. Her doctor said two to four weeks but everyone suspects it might go longer. He wants her to wear an aspen collar for the next couple of weeks to let her neck muscles heal.

The hospital where she works has been good about pushing through the worker's compensation. I think they realize that this was not just an accident but carelessness on someone's part that caused Michel to get hurt.

The worst part of the injury is the weakness she has on her right side. She can't pick our son up which makes it difficult to get him to therapy. Yesterday, Mikey didn't want to get out the car and the therapist had to come out and carry him in for his session. Michel seems to have little strength and frequently drops things.

Hopefully, her neck will start to heal with the collar and she will start to get her strength back soon.

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