Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Mikey and his body parts

Mikey knows his body parts as you would expect of any 7 year old. But he likes to play games where he is asked to point to something and it is good to play these kind of games to help him improve his communication skills. So he is with my mother-in-law and they are playing:

MIL: Mikey, point to your nose.

Mikey: [points to nose and giggles]

MIL: Mikey, point to your mouth.

Mikey: [points to mouth and giggles]

MIL: Mikey, point to your eyeballs.

Mikey: [points to crotch and laughs]

Whoops! Wrong balls! My mother-in-law thought it was the funniest thing ever. Mikey really does keep us laughing.

So anyway, I guess I'm letting Mikey watch too much cable TV!

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Debra Hamel said...

Hey! You're using my amazon reviewer rank box idea. Cool. And I see you're reading reading Prime Obsession. That's on my TBR shelf. It pays to visit blogs every now and again: I've gotten to used to bloglining them.