Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Conference Day

Today is the day of Beth's special conference. I think it was finally dawning on her how special it is that she is 1 of only 16 girls (out of almost 500) that were chosen to attend this conference. She woke up at 5 AM this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. And this is a girl who normally gets up at 7:50 to catch a bus at 8:10. She came into our room at 5:00 AM and woke me up:

5:00 AM
Beth: I woke up and I can't fall back asleep.
Me: Well, lie down and you'll go back to sleep.

5:06 AM
Beth: I still can't fall asleep.
Me: You have to give it more than 5 minutes. Go back to bed.

5:13 AM
Beth: My stomach feels funny.
Me: I'll get you something. (Trudge downstairs and find something to settle her stomach. Back into bed at 5:25).

5:32 AM
Beth: I feel shaky.
Me: Are you sick or just excited?
Beth: I think I'm too excited!
Me: OK, try lying down and listen to some music.

5:45 AM
Beth: I'm too awake.
Me: OK, let's get up.

So we were up at 5:45 and she needed to be to school at 7:30. This is most definitely a first!

Update: Got the word about the conference... "it was great!"

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