Friday, April 22, 2005

A new dog

WoofWe are the proud owners of a dog, which makes me glad I don't live in Turin. We picked up a Boston Terrier through a rescue agency. The dog had been taken from a puppy mill that was using her for breeding. The dog's name is "Lily Beans". We drove out to New Jersey a couple of weeks ago and picked her up. Her name was Lily but the "Beans" was added because the dog is rather... flatulent. On the way home Michel kept asking if it was the dog or just New Jersey that stunk. Anyway, the dog has a great personality. Mikey loves her because she gives lots of licks and doesn't growl or bite no matter what he does to her. The cats don't particularly care for her. We are working on getting them to be friends but this appears to be a long effort. Lily Beans is a small dog (17 pounds) and is five years old. She's already housebroken but she doesn't appear to know any tricks other than to retrieve. She sleeps in a pet carrier in Beth's room at night so that we can be sure she doesn't bother the cats. As with most Bostons, she snores and drools when she is sleeping.


Map said...

You have a crazy house, Tom. :D

Tom P. said...

Crazy doesn't begin to describe it! ;-)