Friday, April 01, 2005

New P2P Communication Technology

Opera Software ASA has announced a new breakthrough in P2P, direct, real-time, platform independent speech technology. The press release reveals some of the details of this incredible breakthrough. The key details are revealed in this line, Based on open standards, Opera's patent-pending P2P speech technology uses analogue signals carried through open air, enabling users to communicate in real- time without the use of computers or mobile phones. There are several drawbacks related to the system including limited range and serious privacy issues. There are also issues related to being able to recognize a message sent to a specific peer. However, the ease of use of this new technology and the low cost will probably lead to wide spread adoption.


Elblog said...

Hmmm. The thought of "soundspam", or should I say, more "soundspam" is not encouraging. I think you work a little encryption magic, and life could get a little more interesting. . . combined with existing and emerging technologies, we may be sharing our thoughts before we're ready to, lol.

Tom P. said...

You are right... it didn't occur to me how prone this technology is to spam. Users would be constantly bombarded with commercial messages. Some sort of spam filtering technique would definitely be required.