Friday, May 13, 2005

Betsy Ross Paul

Cookie!Aunt Tina will be proud!* Beth is taking a course called Home and Careers (what used to be called Home Economics back in the old days) this semester. One of the things they are learning is how to sew. Beth made a cookie pillow (as seen in the picture). She did a great job on the sewing and the pillow is soft enough to be comfortable while still being fluffy. (Beth told me that there was a tendency in her class to overstuff the pillows and make them too firm.) The pillow is, of course, a chocolate chip cookie. The dark brown bits are chocolate chips and the light brown bits are nuts. The colored rectangles are sprinkles. The cookie itself was machine sewn but all the other parts were hand sewn. Beth also made a little volleyball pin cushion to hold her needles and pins. Beth is having a great time in school this year. Once again she made the honor roll so that is the third consecutive semester on the honor roll.

Aside: Did you notice Beth got new glasses? And the braces may be coming off this summer!

* Aunt Tina is the family sewing expert.

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Helen said...

She's going to be a beauty (like mum) and the glasses look funky.