Friday, May 27, 2005

School Trip

Argh!! Watch me hook, matey!I chickened out. Beth threatened me with bodily harm if I did anything to embarass her so I remained on my best behavior. We went to Blydenburgh Park in Smithtown where they have an exhibit of colonial industrial life. The Blydenburgh's had dammed a river and made what is now known as Stump Pond for their mills. In addition to the Blydenburgh's house, the site contains a carpentry shop, a blacksmith shop, a cook house, and a grist mill which are working today as exhibits. We saw a demonstration of cloth making using several materials including wool, cotton, and flax. The blacksmith let each of the kids make an "S" hook using a piece of steel that he heated in his furnace. In the cook house, the kids made apple pancakes which were quite tasty. The weather was cold for this time of year but at least it didn't rain.

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