Sunday, June 05, 2005

15 minutes and counting

My blog got a mention in the NY Daily News today (page 36). Dawn Eden, who wites their "Blog On!" column in the Sunday paper and is a friend of cousin Kevin, had written me on Thursday with a few questions. She didn't use any of my answers but that is OK. Sometimes you just don't know where an article will go until you start writing it. Also, I don't think I gave her the pro-blogging kind of answers she was looking for. I told her that I have had more response from my website than I have ever had from my blog. The one thing that bugged me about the article was the expression, "Down syndrome kids." Arghhhh, I hate that! It's "kids with Down syndrome,"... people first! Oh well, we can't expect everyone to get it right.


Elblog said...

Tick Tock! Looks like "honorable mention" rather than digesting the responses, yes? . . . I'll have to check the counter to see what happens. . . is any publicity good publicity? Talk amongst yourselves.

Helen said...

"Good on ye" as an Aussie might say.

Well an Aussie would have said "Good on ye, mate!" but I don't think I know you that well. That was great about the character of the old Aussie - took you as you came.

There's a book by Philip Ball

Critical Mass : How One thing leads to another
It's a science book that teaches how not to look at groups of behaviour as advertisers do and base our actions on that but look at the effects of individual actions that multiply. I haven't got it yet but hope I can get my head round it.

Tom P. said...

Looks like it was less than a dozen extra hits because of the article. I have to admit that is a little surprising. You would think that being mentioned in the Sunday edition of a major newspaper would be worth at least 20 hits!