Monday, November 07, 2005

Beth's Birthday

Thursday was Beth's 13th birthday. We now have a teenager around the house. Of course, Beth has been acting like a teenager for about 10 years but that is another story. Our friends over at were nice enough to wish Beth a happy birthday Beth got some DVDs (Degrassi Junior High and the third season of Monk) and a docking station/boom box combo for her iPod.

So now that I have a teenage daughter, the question I have for all those dads out there is how did you survive your daughter's teenage years. The thing is, that coming up rapidly will be a new interest for Beth, B-O-Y-S. And I know about teenage boys. I was one once and the only thing that teenage boys are interested in is teenage girls. So what advice do you have for me? How can I get through the next few years without killing anyone? Or having a stroke? All advice gladly accepted.


Elblog said...

You remind me of a routine that one of the "Blue Collar" comics does, on this very subject. He says he goes up to the boy, puts his arm around him, and says, "you know, I don't mind going back to prison" . . . nothing wrong with a little intimidation. My first encounter with my future father-in-law was in his driveway, he in a pair of briefs, me shaking in my boots. I got the message.
Happy Birthday, Beth. Happy Birthday to somebody else, too!

Naomi said...

Not a dad, but I was once (many many moons ago) a teenage girl. The advice I would give is to be open and honest with her, treat her like the responsible young adult that she is. I knew I could talk to my mum about anything (and I really mean anything) and she wouldn't get judgemental. I also knew that she'd probably tried most of the things that are considered bad, so I rebelled by doing the opposite and never even tried smoking.

Happy Birthday Beth!