Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mikey sees the dentist

Saturday we went to the dentist to have four of Mikey's baby teeth pulled. Mikey has the same problem that Beth had when she was little... her aadult teeth came in behind her baby teeth and didn't push the baby teeth out. So Michel had gone to the Pediatrician and got a little valium to slow Mikey down before the big day. We gave the valium to Mikey about 30 minutes before the procedure. The valium had exactly zero effect! Mikey was bouncing around in the waiting room like a mad man, laughing and entertaining the staff. We got him into the room and I climbed into the chair first and then I wrapped up Mikey with my arms and legs. He squirmed a bit but I held him. The dentist shot him with some Novacaine and Mikey got loose and bumped the needle. My fault! This time I held him by the elbows instead of the wrists and really got him good. The four teeth were gone even before we knew it. Mikey no longer looks like a shark with multiple rows of teeth. We have two more teeth to remove and then we are all done.

Our pediatric dentist is absolutely wonderful. He came in on his day off to take care of Mikey so that Mikey wouldn't miss any school. We met him when Beth was little. We had taken her to a couple of dentists and she was terrified of them. One dentist told us, "I can't work with your child." We took Beth to see Dr. Charlie and she was crying like crazy when she went in. By the time she was done, he had her laughing and hugging him. He has an incredible way with kids that melts away all their fears and anxieties.

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Dr. Dean Brandon said...

I was surfing the blogs tonight and ran across this post. I am a Pediatric Dentist and I have to say, reports like this one remind me how special my profession really is. There are some things that make us really feel good. (Remember we deal with kids and their parents all day long under stressful situations, and then go home to our own kids). One great thing is having an anxious child have such a good time their parent can't easily get them to leave the office! I see "shark teeth" every day. I mean every day. Most kids we see are great. It's the parents that are the anxious ones...Ha! Good luck and God Bless!. You have a great Pediatric Dentist there! P.S. my blog is:
I just started it. You are welcome to check it out.