Thursday, March 18, 2004

JavaRanch Wins Jolt Productivity Award

Every year, Software Development Magazine holds their annual Jolt Awards for product excellence. The 14th annual awards were held last night and JavaRanch won the Productivity Award for Websites and Developer Networks. Here were the list of finalists:

  • Agile Modeling Home Page (Scott Ambler)
  • IBM developerWorks (IBM)
  • JavaRanch (
  • O'Reilly Network (O'Reilly)
  • (
  • (Microsoft)

The Excellence winner was IBM developerWorks and was a well deserved win. The Productivity Awards went to: O'Reilly Network, JavaRanch, and Tigris.

I think it is amazing that a little web site built by volunteers without any corporate sponsor can compete with the big multi-billion dollar giants. Look at the sites that were even't nominated including MSDN and Oracle to name just two. Beats me how we do it.

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