Friday, April 02, 2004

The move

I am sure everyone is on the edge of their seat to know how the move went. Well, we are in our new space and settled in but the move itself didn't go quite as expected. I didn't mention it but the actual physical distance of the move was fairly short. In fact, I had moved some of my stuff myself on Friday so that it would be sure to be there on Monday. I had left the computer and phone because the movers were supposed to hook them up in the new space. But when I arrived Monday morning the box with the computer was still packed. So I ended up having to crawl under the desk to hook everything up. It was a minor pain in the neck. If I had known that they weren't going to do the work, I would have moved everything myself on Friday.

The voicemail system wasn't working either but that turned out to have nothing to do with the move. It is very annoying to see the little glowing red light on your phone and not be able to get the message that is waiting for you. The voicemail was down for a few hours and the message turned out to be nothing important anyway.

Anyway, we have settled into our new space and it is much quieter than where we were. No one passes through here since there is only one door so most of the time it is just the sound of clicking keyboards. I am in the last cubicle in our dead end aisle so no one comes down here at all. The phones don't even ring much.

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