Thursday, April 29, 2004

The World Trade Center

I worked in the World Trade Center for 10 years. I started on the 68th floor and in 1990 I moved up the the 70th floor. I was there in 1993 when terrorists blew up a truck in the basement garage killing six people. I was not there in 2001 when the towers were destroyed.

I loved working in the World Trade Center. The buildings were not the most beautiful buildings to look at but they were wonderful to work in. The floors were open and with so many windows they always felt bright and airy. At night we had a magnificent view of the lights of Manhattan.

The amazing thing is that even at 70 floors up, we were still 40 floors from the top. I recall sitting in my office and looking out my window to see the Goodyear blimp sailing below us.

I found a few pictures that I had taken after a trip to San Francisco for a convention. I had bought one of those disposable cameras and had to finish the roll so I shot a few pictures from my office and my boss's office. I put them on this page.

A couple of links to sites about the WTC and the attack:

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