Saturday, April 24, 2004

The Rebecca Center

I mentioned earlier that my son has Down syndrome and ASD and receives some special types of therapies. Besides Horseability, another special therapy he gets is music therapy from the Rebecca Center. The Rebecca Center is a special program started by John Carpente at Molloy College. The therapy is designed to try to get Mikey to communicate by using music to promote speech and signing. It also helps Mikey to learn to appreciate music.

The program itself is amazing. It uses music to help people with various disabilites. For kids like Mikey, the main goal of the program is to use music to help with socialization and communication. And we have seen a big improvement in Mikey since we started the program.

We are sure that it is the combination of various therapies that have brought Mikey so far along. Horseability and The Rebecca Center are two key components in the overall program of therapies that Mikey receives. Thanks John, for providing such a wonderful program!

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