Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Dr. Thomas H. Milhorat

Dr. MilhoratWe found out some interesting things about Michel's doctor, Thomas H. Milhorat. First, he is THE MAN when it comes to Chiari Malformation and syringomyelia. You can read more about it here, but in 1999, Dr. Milhorat redefined Chiari. His research changed the way everyone looked at the disease. He is a founder and director of the Chiari Institute.

His father, Ade T. Milhorat, was also a famous neurologist/scientist/researcher. He was one of the founders of the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the organization that you know from the telethons run by Jerry Lewis every year. The elder Milhorat was one of the leaders in researching Muscular Dystrophy. He died a few years ago at the age of 98 and was still doing research. He published a reserach paper with his son on Chiari and syringomyelia when he was in his 90's!

I would say that we were very lucky to find Dr. Milhorat.


Helen said...

He looks as though he can do a good Rex Harrison impersonation, should he decide to take some time off research on Chiari. Glad Michel was able to get the best and the back of her head is looking much better.

Eliza said...

Ha ha ha, right, Helen? That picture of him is just awful, yet it shows up everywhere. I was so shocked when I had an appointment with him recently (I'd only previously met him right as I was going under and coming out of anesthesia, so, yeah, didn't remember what he looked like so well) and he was so kind- and gentle-looking and smiley, because I was so expecting, like, the bad guy from some 50s spy movie.

(Btw, he is also a classically trained pianist! The man is just amazing).