Saturday, December 18, 2004

Michel's Recovery Continues

MichelMichel has been running slight fevers off and on all day so she doesn't feel quite as well as she did. The doctor came in and he said that she is doing very well and is on course to be booted out on Monday. We walked around the floor twice while I was there. Our friend Cindy dropped in to see Michel. And Eileen's flowers finally were delivered... and they weren't dead. Actually, they were very pretty.

My sister, Barbara, came over, cleaned the house, decorated for Christmas including putting up the tree, and watched Mikey while I went to the hospital and did some shopping. The house feels like Christmas now. Barb's daughter, Laura, took Beth Christmas shopping since Michel isn't going to be doing any and I am not the right person to be picking out clothes for Beth. Michel's parents went back to Brooklyn but they will be back on Monday.


Map said...

Tom: The doctor came in and he said that she is doing very well and is on course to be booted out on Monday. This reminds me. My co-workers once read in an old classic book about a woman, who gave birth: "She was doing so well, in two weeks doctors allowed her to sit in her bed " -- this was a big entertainment for other women in audience. :D

But Americans are probably the fastest recovers in the world. :) My mother had to stay in hospital for 10 days, after she had катаракта surgery, while my father-in-law just went home after the same surgery.

Still how did you get this woman, Tom? :p Just kidding, she is also lucky to have you. :)

Helen said...

Still smiling. I hope Michel gets much better soon.The lady has spunk.
BTW I really like the look. I guess one wouldn't know if it suits until one tries it. ;) As they say in Scotland : "A bald head is soon shaved".( An easy task is soon completed.) :D

Helen said...

Yes, Michel looks twenty or more years younger.
For anyone who is shopping may I suggest some ethnic jewellry for Michel and electric hair clippers for Thomas( if Michel's keeping this look, Thomas is going to have trouble keeping up).;)

kUkuN bLok said...

michel kamu cepet sembuh ya....
aku doain deh dari indonesia....

kuncoro sasmito