Monday, December 20, 2004

Still Not Home

MichelMichel wasn't released so we are hoping for tomorrow. She has been running a fever and has a sore throat so they might keep her until Wednesday. She has her IV out so she can walk around without lugging the pole with her. They removed the bandage from the back of her head so you can see the full incision now. I have provided it as a link so the sqeamish can avoid seeing it. Overall, she is feeling pretty good and we are looking forward to having Michel home.

I should add that I printed the picture of the Christmas tree and brought it to the hospital so Michel could enjoy it. it is amazing what a good picture you can get from these digital cameras.

Meanwhile, Beth had her ears pierced a couple of months ago and one ear has always bothered her a little bit. It looks like she has a nice infection going now. She is probably going to need some antibiotics so I will be taking her to the doctor tomorrow if it doesn't look any better.


Helen said...

Best to be safe and a few days won't matter. I do hope they'll discharge her before Christmas, though.

Debra Hamel said...

Sorry to hear that Michel couldn't come home, but let's hope for tomorrow.

You might post a really graphic and disgusting picture of the infected ear, so those of us with girls who want their ears pierced can use it as ammunition.

Elblog said...

Thanks for the updates. I'm glad Michel is still smiling at you - and I hope that she's home soon.

Tom P. said...

For Debra: I couldn't get a good close-up of the infected ear and it doesn't look that bad anyway. Most of the pus and crud came out of the infected site when I pulled the earring off. It looks like a popped pimple. The Nurse practioner who saw Beth told us that she had one girl come in with such a bad infection that they couldn't get the back of the earring out of her ear. They had to send her to the ER to have it surgically removed! Beth was great about cleaning the ear when she got it pierced but sometimes these things just happen.