Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Mikey!

Once again it is time for Mikey's Birthday. He turned 9 on Tuesday and what a day it was (more on that below). Anyway, this has been a great year for Mikey. He really has made huge steps forward. Between the new school, the changes in medication, and Mikey's hard work he has become so much more like a 9 year old boy should be.

The summary of my day: I take the day off so I can bring pizza and cupcakes to Mikey's class. So I get ready and I'm out the door. Call the pizza place and run over to the pharmacy to drop off a prescription for Mikey. Over to the bakery. It is packed. They are serving #17 and I'm #39. I forgot Passover starts tomorrow. Forget the cupcakes. Let's get Munchkins from Dunkin' Dounuts. 3 minutes in and out. Super. Off to the pizzaria and then to the school. Phone is ringing. Beth's school. Beth is short of breath... please bring her medication. Run up to Mikey's school because I'm almost there. Mikey sees me and looks mad. Not too bad though as he shoves a couple of things and then races over to the pizza boxes and smiles. Give the digital camera to the teacher and I'm out the door. Stop at home, grab the medicine, and head to Beth's school. Phone again. It's the Vet. The dog has hookworms. Come and get medicine. OK, be right over. Get to the school and sit with Beth while she takes her medicine. Nurse gives me a form to give to the doctor so Beth can bring her medicine to school. You OK, Beth? Yep. I'm off to the vet. Pick up medicine and run home. Have to stop at Starbuck's. Pick up Mikey's medicine from the pharmacy while I'm there. Stop at home and check the website. Wow! Look at all the birthday greetings for Mikey! Fax the form to Beth's doctor. Now off to Mikey's school to bring him to the psychiatrist (wonder if he gives family rates) for followup and to check Mikey's medications. Finish with the psychiatrist and it's off to pick up Beth because she is staying late at school. Phone's ringing. OK, Beth. We're on our way to get you. Off to home, drop off Beth and on to the dentist. Two hours of peace as I get my teeth whitened. Funny, I almost felll asleep in the chair. Home, put Mikey to bed and collapse. What a fun day off!

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Elblog said...

You spent TWO HOURS on yourself? Selfish B@#$%#&!
Good times. Thanks for sharing.