Thursday, April 27, 2006

One fish, two fish...

If you recall, two years ago I wrote about the success I had with my fish tank by leaving it alone. I have had continued success with this policy as I haven't had a single fish die in the last two years. But you can't leave it alone forever so a couple of weeks ago I gave it a full cleaning and threw away the old plastic sunken ship and other junk. But keeping in mind what I learned I didn't go overboard with cleaning the filter so that the bacteria would be able to quickly return to do their job.

While we were at the pet store this past weekend (see below), we bought a bunch of new fish since the tank was fairly sparse. The new fish have adapted quickly and all the fish look like they like the tank and are enjoying their home and each other. I also bought a realistic Greek ruin as you can see in the picture. Think of it as the remains of Atlantis, only with lots of bubbles coming out of it.

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