Thursday, September 29, 2005

Back to school night

Sing it!!Last night was the first parent/teacher meetings at Beth's school. It was an opportunity to meet Beth's 8th grade teachers and get an idea of the kind of work that would expected of her for the year. Michel couldn't go because she wasn't feeling well (more on this later) so I went alone. Beth's teachers are all very nice. I think her French teacher wants to adopt her. ;-) The French class is going on a trip to Quebec at the end of the year so she told us a little about that as well. All her classes seemed like a reasonable amount of work. Her english class involves a lot of reading. Beth is expected to read at least 1,000 pages each quarter and write about what she has read. Her science teacher was especially mice. Beth is taking 9th grade science so she has to take the Regents at the end of the year. Her teacher kept telling us not to worry that all his students do very well and he could tell that this class was going to work very hard because he saw a lot of dedication. The science teacher, by the way, looks exactly what a science teacher should look like. He reminds me of those pictures from the Apollo missions showing the scientists at the Houston Space Center huddled around a monitor.

When I got home, Michel told me that she was feeling very ill and wanted to go over to the ER. So we grabbed the kids and drove over. Once Michel was checked in we gave her some money and our new portable DVD player along with some I Love Lucy DVDs and I took the kids home. Michel was released in the middle of the night and she decided to walk home! It's only a 15 minute walk but still... Anyway, her neurosurgeon's office called and he doesn't think it is related to the shunt so the search for the source of the pain continues.


Debra Hamel said...

I very much like this typo: "Her science teacher was especially mice."

Glad Michel's okay. I would have given a lot for a portable DVD player when I was stuck in a hospital over Easter weekend nine and a half years ago.

Tom P. said...

OK, now I can't fix it without making the comment meaningless! Michel told me about the typo while we were in the car on the way to a doctor's appointment. She said it would have been even better if I had written "All Beth's teachers were mice." ;-)

Naomi said...

I never noticed the typo, must be because I skip read, a sort of bad habit but it means when I read a book second time around I always find stuff that I missed.

The colour change was slightly confusing at first, I thought I'd gone to the wrong place. I'm getting used to it though.

I hope they find the cause of Michelles pain soon.