Thursday, September 01, 2005

Time to eat

We got a call the day after we dropped Mikey off at camp. He wouldn't sit at the table in the cafeteria to eat. He ran off to the corner and sat there away from everyone else. They wanted to know if it was OK to let him sit in the corner by himself. We thought this might happen because Mikey gets nervous around crowds so we told them it was not a problem. In an earlier post I mentioned Mikey's anxiety issues and crowds are an issue with Mikey. Of course, it is possible that Mikey was aware of what happened to Wild Bill Hickok when he didn't sit with his back to the corner.

They told us that Mikey was adjusting very well otherwise. He slept in a regular bed although the counselor did push his bed up against Mikey's bed because Mikey wouldn't stay put and it did take Mikey awhile to fall asleep. Mikey has been sleeping in a crib at home because we were worried about him not staying in bed and wandering off. With the adjustment to a bed at camp, we thought this would be a good opportunity to get Mikey a bed. So Mikey will have a surprise when he gets home.

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Naomi said...

I've been checking hoping for updates on Mikey and his camp experience. Glad to hear that it's going well, sounds like you found a great place. Seeing the camp and meeting the people must have given you some peace of mind and at least now you can picture where he is.