Thursday, September 08, 2005

Back to school

Yesterday was the first day of school for Beth and Mikey. Beth only had a half day. Today is her first full day of school. Apparently her first day was a great day. Turns out that her friend is riding on the bus with her. Last year the friend's mom drove her to school every day but this year the friend is on the bus. The school did make a mistake in her schedule. Beth was supposed to be in 9th grade science (Earth Science) but they had her in 8th grade science. We spoke to the guidance counselor and everything should be OK now.

Mikey's first day was a full day. Because we changed his school so late, the bus wasn't settled so Michel had to drive Mikey to school. She said that Mikey went right off to his class without any complaint. He had a great day in school and his teacher said that he was right on target. He sat and observed everyone and didn't have any issues or problems during the day. I think that this school is the absolutely right choice for Mikey.

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