Friday, September 02, 2005

The prince returns

Mikey came home on the bus Sunday without any problems. He had attached himself to his counselor and stuck with him like glue. We had a copy of the schedule and it looked like fun. A lot of running around, playing in the pool, and other phsyical activites. Mikey loves running around and playing so this was perfect for him. Plus after 12 hours of running around, he was ready to sleep at night. Michel only called the camp three times to check on him. I spoke to the man who runs the program and he told me that Mikey did great and next year they look forward to having him for two weeks!

Mikey came home to his new big boy bed and his first night home he jumped in and went to sleep without any trouble at all. We did put a gate at his door because we are afraid he might wander off if he woke up in the middle of the night.

So everyone survived camp week and we are getting ready for school. Michel went to the CSE meeting the other day and everyone agreed that Mikey should go to AHRC. Now we are all set for a great year.

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Elblog said...

I'm really glad the camping experience was good for you all - gives me hope for the future, lol.
The only annoying thing we've had so far with the big bed is that, when Emma's up, somebody else is, too. That's usually between 5 and 6, no matter how late you keep her up.
Sounds like work's a bit on the "up", too?
I always liked Fall in CT. Seemed like a time of getting things done.