Thursday, February 09, 2006

High Scool Daze

High School starts for Beth in only a few short months and last night was the parent orientation to Freshman (Freshperson?) year. We got to meet the principal of the school and a couple of the guidance counselors. The idea of my little girl going into High School is a bit shocking. Only four more years to college and then career, marriage, children, etc. My little girl is growing up fast. It is a little sad in two ways. First, Beth is probably not going to appreciate how great high school can be. it is a time of growing up and becoming an adult without having to worry about real adult responsibilities and pressures. But without the ability to look back on it, Beth has nothing to compare it to. "I can't wait until I'm out of school!" Trust me on this one, Beth. You can wait. The second sad thing is that it is unlikely that Mikey will ever have the high school experience. His disability (the autism part of his disability) is simply too profound for him to be integrated into a regular school program. But Mikey will have his own experiences and we can only hope that they are as wonderful for him as we hope high school will be for Beth.

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Jeffrey Goble said...

This life is filled with many ironies, isn't it my friend? I'm baffled by the acceleration of time itself - remember how a summer day used to last forever? It's hard to communicate to a youngster, but if you can give Beth the sense of enjoying this time, as well as growing up, you will have given her a tremendous gift. As for Mikey, you guys have provided him with some pretty unique experiences, yes? (as he has for you, uh-huh). Not trying to be Pollyanna, just practical. Parent of a high-schooler, hmmm. Frightening all by itself.